Artist: Luke Adams

Working from his studio in Norwood, Massachusetts, Luke Adams is a master of the Venetian glassblowing technique. In his collection you will find paperweights, ornaments, glasses, and his exquisite sun catchers. "As an artist, I have always been inspired by the power of fire and excited by the endless possibilities of color." Luke Adams


Artist: Herman Leonhardt

Herman Leonhardt lives deep in the swamp on the Edisto River, where he has worked as a self-taught glassblower for 20 years, influenced by the freedom, color, contrast, wildlife and abundant beauty of his surroundings. His work is in galleries and private collections throughout the southeastern United States.


Artist: Little River Hot Glass

"Of the many media and processes which can be used to create, I have always been attracted by glass and "its" potential. Initially working with stained glass, I became drawn to the dynamic nature of the blowing process which seemed to better suit both my nature and my vision." Michael Trimpol


Artist: David Goldhagen

David Goldhagen’s sculptural forms and massive handblown glass platters are distinguished by his unique style. His painterly approach to art glass marries bold colors to brilliant, clear crystal in a clean, modern style. David has been working in the hot sculpted glass medium since 1979. He is a member of the Southern Highlands Craft Guild, the Carolina Designer Craftsmen, and the Glass Art Society.



Blown glass sparkles throughout Morning Star Gallery with the work of Dan Reed, Herman Leonhardt, Michael Trimpol and more than 20 additional American glass artists. If your passion is glass, come feast your eyes!
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Glass, Glorious Glass!

Morning Star Gallery's glass blowers have created a sparkling collection of color, form and function. From swamp blossoms and glass flowers to vases etched with scenes from nature, you can choose from a stunning array of large and small glass masterpieces. Linger over the jewelry collection, too, featuring stunning glass necklaces and earrings from Katya and Aurora.