Artist: Andrea Barnett

Andrea Barnett designs and manufactures all of her earrings, clasps, beads, pendants and medals.The cut stones are genuine semi-precious stones which are personally selected by Andrea.


Artist: Katya Wittenstein

Katya dichroic fused glass jewelry's elegantly contemporary style is what makes each piece wearable poetry. Each piece is one part Katya, and one part the natural spontaneity that take place as the glass, the metal, and the inspiration of the idea meld together in kiln and studio. Its that, almost unpredictable uniqueness and spark that Katya loves, and that represents who Katya is as an artist.


Artist: Cheryl Sirkus

These original hand crafted designs of sterling silver and 14K gold vermeil are the creation of Cheryl Sirkus. Cheryl's hand cast jewelry captures the feeling of elegance and femininity in an understated way. Genuine semiprecious gemstones and pearls enhance the design's subtle and natural beauty.


Artist: Michael Michaud

This exquisite collection is a combination of Michael's exceptional knowledge of jewelry making and his love of nature. He has perfected the technique of creating models from natural elements and, after models are made, manipulating these "copies of nature" into beautiful jewelry. Using bronze, sterling silver or gold and natural stones and pearls, Michael's designs have become well known for their remarkable craftsmanship and beauty.



Features dichroic glass, sterling silver security chain, and powerful magnetic closure. One year guarantee on the Geneva movement. The watch is designed to be worn loosely on the wrist like a bracelet. S,M,L.



Each of these mixed metal purses is individually hand crafted. Slight variations are the result of the artist's hand lending each purse its' own character. The purse starts out by being cut from flat sheet metal, Later, wooden molds are used to form shapes and sizes. Finally, they are soldered together and decorated using bronze and other metals. These artistic designs are timeless and can be enjoyed for generations to come. The metal is coated with commercial grade acrylic, so no polishing is needed. Please wipe with a dry, clean cloth only.



These 100% silk scarves are hand painted and hand sewn. Like snowflakes, each scarf is completely different and no two are exactly alike. These scarves come in a multitude of colors and can be washed by hand in cold water or dry cleaned.



Blown glass sparkles throughout Morning Star Gallery with the work of Dan Reed, Herman Leonhardt, Michael Trimpol and more than 20 additional American glass artists. If your passion is glass, come feast your eyes!
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Glass, Glorious Glass!

Morning Star Gallery's glass blowers have created a sparkling collection of color, form and function. From swamp blossoms and glass flowers to vases etched with scenes from nature, you can choose from a stunning array of large and small glass masterpieces. Linger over the jewelry collection, too, featuring stunning glass necklaces and earrings from Katya and Aurora.