Artist: Gene Taylor

"Throughout my early years my family would "head for the mountains" almost every weekend from spring through fall. The mountains were the Blue Ridge Mountains, and they still retain the same magic and beauty I felt and saw as a child." Gene Taylor


Artist: Linda Leeger Stokes

At 70, Linda Leeger Stokes has been painting and photographing for what she states, "Seems like forever." Linda's works have been featured in many galleries, exhibits, and shows throughout the Southeast. Linda's ability to capture nature in it's purest moments have won her several awards as well.



Blown glass sparkles throughout Morning Star Gallery with the work of Dan Reed, Herman Leonhardt, Michael Trimpol and more than 20 additional American glass artists. If your passion is glass, come feast your eyes!
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"I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all your help and phone calls regarding the money clips I'm after. It seems nowadays that most retailers won't go out of their way to help people, so I'm particularly happy about the way you've helped me. Next time I'm visiting my brother, we'll be sure to stop in and say hello..."

Dan B.

"Maggie, thank you for your excellent customer service..."

John P.

Glass, Glorious Glass!

Morning Star Gallery's glass blowers have created a sparkling collection of color, form and function. From swamp blossoms and glass flowers to vases etched with scenes from nature, you can choose from a stunning array of large and small glass masterpieces. Linger over the jewelry collection, too, featuring stunning glass necklaces and earrings from Katya and Aurora.