Artist: Stegall's Stoneware

"Whether thrown on a wheel, extruded, hand built, or pressed into forms, we continue to be fascinated by this material known as clay. Its flexibility lends itself to the many shapes we create, and the many more we can imagine. The clean, simple forms we produce are accented with non-toxic glazes and stains in colors and designs reflecting the landscape of our lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains." Alan & Nancy Stegall


Artist: Terry Acker

"I love the mud-lusciousness of clay! Clay combines sculpture and paint, with its' three dimensional form and surface decoration. The immediacy of creating the form and the technique of applying glazes in a painterly way is intoxicating. A well-made ceramic form transcends the humbleness of function and becomes art! I am inspired by nature and intrigued by how we connect and relate to it. My vessels are united by an underlying theme of respect for nature and the joy of being a part of it." Terry Acker


Artist: Susan Davy

Susan Davy's flax ash pottery is created by burning flax from midwest farms in the kiln. The potter glazes each piece with her own unique "landscape" motif. Additional bowls, plates, trays, tableware and baking pieces are available.



These decorative 11" x 11" sgraffito tiles come in a multitude of colors and styles, providing you the opportunity to create your very own wall art. They can be hung individually or in groups.



Blown glass sparkles throughout Morning Star Gallery with the work of Dan Reed, Herman Leonhardt, Michael Trimpol and more than 20 additional American glass artists. If your passion is glass, come feast your eyes!
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"I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all your help and phone calls regarding the money clips I'm after. It seems nowadays that most retailers won't go out of their way to help people, so I'm particularly happy about the way you've helped me. Next time I'm visiting my brother, we'll be sure to stop in and say hello..."

Dan B.

"Maggie, thank you for your excellent customer service..."

John P.

Glass, Glorious Glass!

Morning Star Gallery's glass blowers have created a sparkling collection of color, form and function. From swamp blossoms and glass flowers to vases etched with scenes from nature, you can choose from a stunning array of large and small glass masterpieces. Linger over the jewelry collection, too, featuring stunning glass necklaces and earrings from Katya and Aurora.